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Welcome to Like Minded People Inc, Resources for Empowerment. We are an amazing organization built on three principles towards healing from abuse;


Like Minded People Inc, Resources for Empowerment, Shares ‘AWARENESS’ through Too often we are blinded by what we think is a loving relationship that we fail to anticipate the chaos and ignore the red flags of the impending situation. is a free background check so you can be informed if you are involved with a habitual abuser. People who have been arrested for domestic violence or animal abuse. Awareness is Empowerment


LMP phone advocates with the help of Uber can help you get to a safe place, and shelters. 1-844-68B-SAFE(7233). Depending on your situation, you might determine that taking legal action against an abusive partner is the best course for you. Please note: Like Minded People Inc does not give legal advice, nor are we legal advocates, But we will help connect you with the best legal resources. is where you can search in your state and area for an attorney that can help with your certain legal needs.

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We offer many different resources and programs that can help you and your family begin the healing process. Our Mission is to help you change your label from “VICTIM to “VICTORIOUS”, Through our lessons and courses, and our live daily group hangouts that empower you to know your not alone. Like Minded People advocates also offers one on one coaching, Read our blog, Join our live hangout groups, or call for empowerment, 1-844-68B-SAFE (7233)

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